Blue Willo Catering

School Lunch Program


• What is the deadline for placing orders? Orders must be placed by 12 p.m. the Saturday prior to service week

of meal date wanted. (Example: Monday's August 13, 2012 lunch must be ordered by

Saturday at 12:00 p.m. August 11, 2012)

• Can I cancel a meal once the order has been placed? Meals can be cancelled until 9:00 p.m. the night before

the day for which the meals were ordered. After the 9:00 p.m. all sales are final. (Example: Monday's lunch

must be cancelled by Sunday at 9:00 p.m.)

• How do I cancel a meal? To cancel a meal, log in to your account. On the main page there is a "Meals Order" section there you will see a link that says "cancel" next to the days for which you have ordered. Click on this link and confirm that you would like to cancel this meal. A credit for the value of the meal(s) will be added to your account.

• What is your refund policy? We have a "No Refund Policy" cancelled meals will result in a credit on your school lunch account. This credit will automatically be applied to your next order.

• What if I have children in multiple grades? When you add children to your account make sure you select the right grade for each child.

• What are the drink options with the meals? All meals include your choice Low-fat milk, Low-Fat Chocolate Milk, Low-Fat Strawberry Milk, or water.

• What is your privacy policy? We will not sell or disclose any contact information submitted through our site to any third party. All personal information will be kept confidential. We will only use your contact information to correspond with you about important matters concerning our lunch program

• What happens if my child forgot his/her lunch can I charge a lunch? We no longer offer charging of school lunches due to the high cost of invoicing. Please contact your school’s front office to make arraignments.

• When can I cancel lunches? You can cancel lunch for your child if done by 9pm prior to service of the lunch. This must be done via email then a credit will be issued to your account.

• Other questions related to cancellations? For school events scheduled on short notice, such as field trips or class outings, it is the parent's responsibility for their child’s school schedule. We are not informed by each school trips or outings.

• Do I have to order on the website using my credit card? We highly suggest that you use the website to do all of your ordering. It keeps costs down to a minimal. With our program we can access each day’s list of who has ordered and properly control food and labor costs which are passed along to you. We will accept order’s with a check. All Checks must be made out to Blue Willo and please note any returned checks will have a returned check fee of the amount of original check plus a fee of $50.00. We will no longer accept checks from any parent with a returned check.

• Order Deadlines What is the deadline if I pay with Credit Card through our web site? If you are paying by check or paying via the website all orders Must be in by Noon the Saturday prior to service. For example in August 2012 orders for the week of August 13 through August 17 all orders must be received by Noon Saturday August 11, 2011 to receive the pre-order menu price.

• Though we try to accommodate all of our customer needs related to the Blue Willo Hot lunch Program, we must maintain these deadlines due to our purchasing and kitchen operation schedule. Thank you for your understanding!

• Update my e-mail address, phone number, or other contact information? You can update all account details in the My Account section, found at the left hand side of the screen after logging into your account.

• Change my password? You can update all account details in the My Account section, found at the left hand side of the screen after logging into your account.

• Pay for a walk in lunch? There are two ways to pay for walk in hot lunch. One is to leave a check at the front office of the school made out to Blue Willo or have your child hand cash or check to lunch staff at time of lunch.

• View past orders I have placed with Blue Willo? You can review any past order that you have placed by logging into the site and going to the left hand side of the screen and locating Order History.

• Add or update a student to my current account? If you need to add or update a student to your account, simply log on to your account and click on modify.

• View lunches in a calendar format? Log into site and click on your child’s name to view calendar.

• Save my credit card details with Blue Willo so I don't have to re-enter this information each time? For your security we do NOT offer this with our site. In fact no one at Blue Willo has access to your credit card information. When you enter your credit card information it then becomes encoded and goes directly to the banking institution for processing.


• A calendar of menu items will be published on this site and posted at school monthly by the 15th of each.

• All menu items are subject to change based upon availability of quality ingredients and to accommodate special school events.

• A 3% transaction fee will be added to every order. This fee covers the cost of processing your payment.

• All Meals come with Seasonal Fresh Fruit and Organic Salad bar, and beverage.

• Drink choice are low-fat white milk, low-fat chocolate milk, low-fat strawberry milk, or Bottled Water.

• Teachers cannot take money. Please pay for your meals online.

• Orders must be placed by 12 p.m. Saturday prior to service week. (Example August 11 at noon for the week of August 13-17)

• No refunds will be given; credit will be issued for canceled meals.

• Meals must be canceled by 9:00 p.m. the night before the day for which the meals were ordered. After the 9:00 p.m. all sales are final.

• Due to Health Code policies, personal food items cannot be held in the kitchen refrigerator or reheated by kitchen staff.